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Goobok’s homemade dumplings come with a variety of Chinese and Korean influences alongside a full menu of steamed buns and twisted donuts.

Chunox Kim opened the restaurant with over 30 years of experience behind her. Originally from South Korea, Kim got her start in the industry at a hotel in China before moving back to Korea where she worked in a number of restaurants for 10 years.

Goobok Chunox Kim

Open Hours

Monday —  Closed
Tue – Sat  —  11:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday  —  11:00AM – 4:00PM

Phone Number

(647) 885-3580

Toronto's Favourite

Handmade Dumplings
Steamed Bun


The hand made Mandupi (dumpling wrappers) for Siomai and Steamed bun go through gentle kneading and aging process to develop authentic texture and taste.
Steamed Dumpling


Made with a dough that has been fermented and aged at low temperatures to make dumpling skins by hand.
Goobok Twisted Donuts


Kneaded for long periods and twisted by hand, composed of five flavours including plain, sugar, red bean, cream cheese and matcha.
Goobok Boiled Dumpling Radish

A Harmonious Balance of Flavour

Goobok Menu
Discover an authentic Korean and Chinese restaurant experience with Toronto’s best handmade dumplings.

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Thank you BlogTO!

Thank you BlogTO!

BlogTO visited our location to explore the authenticity and quality of our handmade dumplings and twisted donuts.

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7181 Yonge St Unit 245, Markham, ON L3T 0C7
(647) 885-3580

Authentic Experience

All mandu (dumplings) from GOOBOK are 100% handmade with care.